As slow as molasses, Paraselene teaches, even the fruitful future has the brightest hope at first”.

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Official Patodia is a platform to explore the hidden realities of life. We know you are trapped by the internalized societal norms and wishes to not deep-sunken in melancholy. Our revolutionary blogging comprises the branches of philosophy and psychology. We intend to deliver an interactive way to look forward with a perspective you’ve never thought is possible.

We aim to assess possible conditions and ratiocinates it based on the number of factors. Our sole dedication is to keep every human informed about the subtle distinctions and discover prodigy to elucidate efficacy in life.

The synopsis of life primarily have the foundational hyperbole which configures the ephemera of its phenomenon epithet”.

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As a thinker, one must understand – Life does not rely over the nature of action possessed nor onto the religious transmutation proclaimed. It can be defined under the aspects of conjunctions of knowledge”.

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